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Get Informed

The benefits of Partnership

As part of a citywide effort, Partners get access to information, tools and training that enable them to help move toward our goal of a healthier New York City. With facts you can rely on, guidelines to trust and tools that work, community members and organizations can get to successful results.

The Fact Sheets

What are the smoking rates in your borough? What boroughs have the highest obesity rates? The Partnership has access to the data you need to help define the problem in your community and take action. Take a look at some examples that might surprise you.

Facts about what is happening Citywide

Facts about what is happening in each Borough





Staten Island

More resources for Partners

Through Borough Lead Organizations, Partners can get access to help, training and tools in areas such as the following—and more:

          • Working with community boards
          • Clarifying goals and strategies
          • Preparing presentations that get results
          • Measuring results of change
          • Communicating with media
          • Social media campaign strategies